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Meet your guide

Klaus Berg has 15 years of experience with tourism in Greenland. He has lived and worked in North Greenland with a base and residence in Ilulissat working as director of the regional tourist development company ‘Destination North Greenland A / S’. He then built a local incoming tourism business with focus on planning and servicing the many tourists annually.

Since 2010, he has been based in Denmark and has arranged tailor-made trips to Greenland - primarily to North Greenland, where approx. 80% of all tourists go but also to many other beautiful areas of Greenland.

The local knowledge as well as the large national Greenlandic network ensures the best solutions for the guests.

Magnificent nature

Traveling in Greenland provides experiences you’ll find hard to believe possible.

Whether you hike in the mountains, sail between the large icebergs, take a trip by fixed wing plane or helicopter, you experience what we call "breathtaking"!

The air is clear and dry, so it feels extremely comfortable. The view towards the horizon is clear and distances feel much shorter than they actually are. The sun has great power and gives a fantastic glare in water and snow.

Nature is easy to describe and yet indescribable. You are often told that " you have to experience it yourself" It is very true - just look at the pictures here and try to describe it to others.

The culture

The culture in Greenland is ubiquitous, so keep an open mind and visit the welcoming and diverse Greenlandic population.

In Ilulissat you will find the Danish/Greenlandic polar explorer Knud Rasmussen's birthplace, which today has been transformed into the city's museum. Here you can learn more about the city's history and the life of the polar explorer. Among other things, he contributed to the mapping of Greenland and became especially famous for the Thule expeditions across the ice sheet.

On the outskirts of Ilulissat you will find the historical sights from the time of the Inuit at the old settlement Sermermiut. From here, the 3 main Inuit cultures have each hunted and fished ever since the Saqqaq people, as the first, came to Greenland for approx. 4,500 years ago.

A stay in Qasigiannguit gives you a unique insight into Greenlandic culture. In the city you will find i.a. an interesting local cultural-historical museum for those interested in archeology and history. The museum is housed in one of Greenland's oldest preserved wooden houses from 1734.

The population

Friendly and welcoming people who in many ways live an everyday life like most of us. We just have to consider the geographical conditions that we are each affected by. You get a good impression of this on the trips we arrange. Factual information about Greenland can be seen here.

North of the Arctic Circle you experience the midnight sun, where the sun is up 24 hours. Unlike in the winter, where it doesn’t rise at all. The duration of the 2 phenomena depends on how many kilometers north of the Arctic Circle you are.

The experience of the two phenomena is incredible. In the period October to April you can experience the northern lights as seen in the picture.
It is an amazing experience to stand in nature and observe the large "curtains" hanging over one's head.

It's hard to understand that it's taking place more than 200 km up in the sky! The colors may change, but the green seems to be dominant. Take a closer look here.